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French Spiderman Alain Robert is one of the most famous men on earth. His legendary feats, climbing 200 of the world's tallest skyscrapers 'with his bare hands' have brought him celebrity status in every country.

If you Google.com search most Hollywood 'A' List movie stars you get between 15 and 40 million results (Sylvester Stallone 35 million, George Clooney 34 million, Liam Neeson 19 million, etc.). However, if you Google.com search Alain Robert you get 547 million (Over half a billion - July 2022). This makes him around 20 times more famous. 

Incredibly, despite his disabilities, this phenomenal perseverance had turned him into an even better climber than he was before his accident. He was able to return to free-solo climbing mountains, cliffs and gorges. Then in 1995 in the USA he climbed his first skyscraper. Alain has since gone on to climb around 200 of the tallest skyscrapers on earth; in most cases without safety... and with nothing more than his bare hands and a little chalk-dust.

In the sport of climbing, where few become famous and none make any real money, Alain's heroic feats have made him very wealthy and have raised him to international celebrity status. His friends and fans include members of the world's royal families, sheikhs, world leaders and celebrities. Climbers worldwide acknowledge Alain Robert as the greatest climber who ever lived.

The incredible Alain Robert has now also been included in The World Hall of Fame of Top

100 Athletes of All Time. Others in the list include; Jesse Owens, Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Pele, Mark Spitz, Maradona, etc.

Alain's official climbs can attract colossal attendances -

• His ascent of the National Bank of Abu Dhabi attracted 150,000 spectators and was shown live on TV.

When he was engaged by the Russian Government to climb Moscow State University, in celebration of its birthday. It was watched by 120,000 live spectators and shown live on TV.

  • A number of Alain's climbs have attracted more than 100,000 live spectators.
  • His ascent of the Sapphire Mall, Istanbul, attracted 400 × TV and media crews and was shown live on 4 x TV stations in that region of the world.
  • His climb of the world's tallest 'twisted tower' (Cayan Tower, Dubai) achieved unprecedented global media coverage.
  • Alain's episode of CNN's 'Revealed Show' went to a world audience of 700 million and was repeated a number of times.
    His ascent of the world's tallest building the Burj Khalifa, Dubai, was global front-page news.

Alain's ascents almost without exception become worldwide news events.

As a speaker, Alain Robert's achievements and his incredible life and near death' experiences enthral audiences. Gasps of astonishment can be heard as he describes his climbs. Audiences invariably give the charismatic Frenchman standing ovations.

Discover the Thrilling World of Alain Robert's Skyscraper Climbing.